Approximately 2 years were spent on behalf of Sonoran Desert Flyers, Inc. in hopes of obtaining a flying field. While other sites were sought which would also allow gas as well as electric aircraft, the only area where any progress was made was with the Town of Oro Valley.

Even this required a great deal of effort being expended to get us to where we are today, which is being Licensed by Oro Valley to fly electric aircraft at their Naranja Town Site.

The first thing that had to be accomplished was to get Oro Valley to change their law that prohibited the flying of model aircraft, even electrics, in the city’s parks. Getting this accomplished represents a tremendous effort on the part of a small group of dedicated people. Without their efforts to get the law changed no one would have the opportunity to fly any model aircraft in Oro Valley’s designated parks.

On July 16th, 2008 the Oro Valley City Council finally voted to allow electric and non-powered aircraft, weighing less than 25 lbs. to be flown within designated areas of the city and below 200’ above ground during the hours of 0600 to 1200.

Additionally, this group also worked with Oro Valley Parks Dept. to identify an area acceptable to all concerned and ultimately settled on the Naranja Town Site. At this time this is a temporary site as this land has already been identified for other uses. Use of the land as a flying site will end as such time the Town of Oro Valley can pass a bond issue to continue with their development plans.

In the interim, Sonoran Desert Flyers was able to negotiate a License agreement with the Oro Valley Parks Department to use the land as an all-electric flying field. This is a terrific opportunity for the Sonoran Desert Flyers to demonstrate that they can provide an additional recreational opportunity for the community as well as a vehicle to involve the youth of Oro Valley in Model Aircraft.

As long as the club abides by the rules set forth in the License agreement and makes every effort to be as compatible as possible with the surrounding neighbors it is the hope of the Sonoran Desert Flyers that when it is time to move form this site the Town of Oro Valley will help the club locate a more permanent home at which we could also fly gas powered aircraft.

The effort to acquire such a site has already begun and there is every reason to believe that such a site could be part of land use that the Town of Oro Valley is already considering.

For all the effort previously described, the current and future members of Sonoran Desert Flyers owe their support to insure that all of this work is not undone. The Club has been told by the Parks Department that they are being watched, especially during the first few months and the Members must be vigilant to fly safely and to not draw negative attention to our activities at this site.

The Sonoran Desert Flyers have established the following rules to achieve this end and while some may seem overly restrictive they are the extent of what the License agreement allows. THESE RULES MUST BE ADHERED TO BY ANY AND ALL MEMBERS AND GUESTS FLYING AT THE FIELD.


1) All aircraft must be flown at or below 200 feet above the runway elevation.

2) All aircraft in flight must remain within the boundaries shown on the attached aerial map.

3) Aircraft if powered must be powered by an electric motor and shall not produce sound at levels above 80db at 100 feet.

4) Aircraft must weigh no greater than 25lbs flying weight.

5) Use of the field is permitted between the hours of 6:00 a.m. and dark.

6) All guests or Club Members must also be members of the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) in order to fly unless special provisions should apply that is approved by the club and the AMA.

7) Any Member at the field shall be able to act as field Safety Officer in the absence of the designated Club Safety Officer.

8) All rules of the AMA shall be observed unless a more restrictive rule is mandated by this document, at which time it will take precedence over the AMA rule.

9) The lock on the entry gate to the field must be immediately relocked by any Member who unlocks the lock for entry or exit from the field. The club lock is a combination lock and there is also a keyed lock for use by city employees. Leave the CITY LOCK as you find it.

10) All trash shall be carried out by the Members upon leaving the field.

11) No urination or defecation shall be permitted on the field. A restroom is available next to the entrance gate.

12) Only Club Members and guests who have signed this document are allowed to fly at the field. If a person stops by the field and wishes to fly they will need to do the following:

a) Read and sign this document
b) Produce a current AMA membership card
c) Fill out an application to join SDF and present it with a check or cash for the appropriate dues as defined in the SDF Club Bylaws

If the person is unwilling to do all of the above and insists on flying, Members must call any club officer, the Parks Department, or the Oro Valley police department for assistance and are required to do so by the the Parks Department. This does not apply to hikers, dog walkers and others using the park trails. In addition, it is important that Members should be mindful of people using the trails and stay clear of them while flying.

13) Members and guests shall park in areas designated for parking on the aerial map.

14) Frequencies. The Club recommends flying on 2.4GHz. 72MHz should be used with caution as it is our understanding that people are still flying at Copper Creek School (less than 2000’ to the west) and they may be using 72MHz. Also the field is in close proximity to housing which may also contribute to interference on 72MHz.

15) Shade Structures. The use of portable shade structures is permitted as long as they do not exceed 10’ x 10’ in size. No permanent shade structures are allowed.

16 ) Members are responsible for the behavior of their guests, children, and animals.


1st Violation: Brings Member before Safety Board. At this time it will be comprised of club officers.

2nd Violation: Mandatory loss of flying privileges for three months.

3rd Violation: Mandatory Loss of membership.
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